Campaigns are a curated collection of similar or related causes to encourage collaboration between multiple beneficiary organisations and companies in order to work towards a common impact goal. Campaigns are designed to achieve mass-engagement and maximum impact.

Note: Currently campaigns are a premium feature and can only be created and managed by a subscribed organisation. Campaigns are only visible to members of your organisation through a shared private link. To create a public campaign, please contact us on to chat about your specific campaign needs, or to convert your campaign to a public campaign that is visible to anyone. 

Step 1 - In order to create a campaign:

  1. Go to Campaigns
  2. Click on Add new Campaign (top right of the page)
  3. Select which organisation  you would like to create the campaign for. 
  4. Complete the form by filling out the required information
  5. Click on Create campaign

Step 2 - Creating your campaign is only the first step, since no causes have been linked to it yet and it remains an "empty" campaign until you do. You can add a cause to your campaign by creating a new cause or linking existing causes:

  1. Go to Causes
  2. Find the cause that you want to link to a campaign and click Edit details
  3. Scroll down to Link this cause to a campaign and select your new campaign
  4. Click Update cause details

Note: To request a custom campaign report, please email