Causes are calls-to-action for funding, in-kind donations, volunteers and pledges. They are a great way for a nonprofit organisation to garner support from the community.

Any existing user or organisation on Brownie Points can create a cause for a nonprofit organisation or a general cause that prompts other users to do good and to carry out good deeds. If you are not signed up yet, you can join here.

There are four different types to choose from including Volunteers, Donations, Goods, and Pledges. This option is available once you have selected the organisation that will benefit from you cause. 

NOTE: Causes that call for monetary donations can only be set up for existing organisations on Brownie Points that have set up at least one donations option. 

Add a cause:

  1. Go to Causes
  2. Click on the Add cause button (top right of the page) 
  3. Complete the following details:
    • Select Context - Only visible to members of organisations. Select either In a personal capacity, or select the organisation you are creating this cause for
    • Let's begin! Who will host this cause? (premium) - This allows you to set different hosts or co-hosts from your organisation
    • The basics:
      • Beneficiary organisation - If you cannot find the beneficiary organisation on that list, you can invite them here
      • Type of support - Volunteers, Donations, Goods or Pledges
      • Goal - This is the target you are trying to achieve. A progress bar will be shown and fill up as supporters commit and confirm support
      • Title - Give your cause an engaging title
      • Date (optional) - Start date/time and end date/time. Leave this blank if it's an ongoing cause
      • Location (optional) - The location where this cause will take place. Leave this blank if you are raising funds online or need virtual/remote volunteers
      • Description - Describe your cause and what it is all about. For volunteers, you can also describe the skills required, as well as volunteer activities. You can include links to tutorials or intro videos as well.
    • Add some detail:
      • Categories - The focus or interest areas for this cause. This will automatically be set to the main focus area for the beneficiary organisation
      • Cover image - Upload an eye-catching image (Tip: If you cannot find any nice images, get some free stock images from Unsplash. We love using it!)
    • Link this cause to a campaign (premium) - You can link your cause to a public campaign on Brownie Points. A campaign is a curated collection of similar causes with a similar goal. A campaign is created for mass-engagement and can help raise awareness for beneficiary organisations and their corporate sponsors.
    • Set your supporter preferences (premium) - You can choose to ask anyone who signs up/commits to your cause a few questions or ask them to upload documents. You can also set custom terms or disclaimers.
    • Supporters feedback (premium) - You can choose to ask anyone who checks in for your cause (confirms) additional questions or upload documents
    • Who can see this cause? (premium) - Set whether this cause is private (invite-only). This will hide the cause from the Search page. You can share the cause with specific people by sharing the special link
    • Terms & Conditions - Agree to the Host Agreement. As a host, it is important to know what your responsibilities are to ensure that everyone is safe and the cause is successful
  4. Click Create cause

Note: You will be able to edit details for your cause after it has been created by going to your Causes and clicking Edit details on your cause.