Causes are a great way to engage with and support organisations that you care about. You can sign up to a cause to donate money or goods, volunteer physically or virtually, and even just to pledge to a good deed. 

Causes are created by organisations, or on behalf of organisations by champions. These causes directly benefit the organisations by linking them to donations or volunteers through the Brownie Points platform. 

You can find all of the active causes on Brownie Points on the search page.

  1. Go to Brownie Points Search and use the search bar and provided filters (located on the left of the search section) to find a cause that you would like to sign up to. 
  2. Click on the cause card that you would like to support to see more information.
  3. If you are happy with your selection, click to sign up. The sign up buttons differ for different cause types.

Volunteering cause:

  1. Click on Volunteer to sign up.
  2. You will receive a notification to indicate that you have signed up and that more information will be sent to you via email. 
  3. In order to fulfil your commitment, carry out the volunteering action required by the cause and check in to confirm that you have participated.

Monetary donation cause:

  1. Click on Donate to sign up.
  2. Enter the amount you would like to donate in the provided field.
  3. Choose how you would like to donate.
    • Electronic transfer will provide you with the organisation's banking details and you will need to transfer your chosen amount manually.
    • External link will redirect you to another site where the organisation already has a payment link set up. You will need to follow the directions shown on that site as they may vary for different sites. 
    • Ozow provides a safe and fee-free payment with one click. You will be asked to enter your credit card or virtual card details and approve the payments (varying depending on bank and account). Ozow is a certified and secure instant EFT payment provider (PCI Level 1 compliant) and does not store any bank login details. 
  4. If you paid using Ozow, you will receive a confirmation email and your payment will be automatically tracked on Brownie Points. If you use one of the other payment options then you will have to manually check in to indicate that you have donated and to track your good deeds on the platform. 

Goods donation cause:

  1. Click on Donate to sign up. 
  2. Enter the amount of goods that you commit to donate in the provided field.
  3. Once you have donated the committed goods to the organisation, you can check in to indicate that you have completed your commitment. This will track your good deeds on Brownie Points and will help the organisation and Brownie Points to track the correct number of goods donated to each cause. 

Pledge cause:

  1. Click on Pledge to sign up.
  2. Pledges can vary depending on the cause. You will need to carry out the pledge in your own capacity and then check in on the cause to indicate whether or not you have carried out the good deed. 

Note: A sign up is an indication that you commit to carrying out the cause action (i.e. donate money, volunteer, donate goods, or carry out specified good deed), whereas a check in is a confirmation that you have carried out the commitment. Check ins help Brownie Points to track your good deeds and to provide feedback reports to organisations of the good deeds that their supporters have actioned.