Any cause you create on behalf of a beneficiary organisation will be displayed on your dashboard, your organisation's owners dashboard and the beneficiary organisation's dashboard. 

You can see the activity for a cause by going to your Causes and clicking Activity on your cause. You will be able to see important insights, including:

  • Totals:
    • Engagement - Shows the number of supporters that have signed up for your cause.
    • Activity - Shows the number of signed up supporters who have completed the action required by the cause (or checked in). 
    • Impact - The number of good deeds that have been tracked by supporters who have checked in.
  • Actions - For each person who has engaged with your cause, you will be able to see:
    • Who? - The supporter's name and email address
    • What? - Whether the supporter signed up (committed) or checked in (confirmed) and the committed/confirmed amount (for donations)
    • When? - At what time the supporter signed up or checked in
    • Additional insights - Answers to custom questions you set on your cause (premium), as well as feedback insights, including:
      • Experience rating
      • Host rating
      • Photos
      • Additional feedback
    • Tip: You can search activity by supporter name or email address, as well as filter supporters by the type of action they've taken, including: Signed up, Reminded, Check-in Sent, Checked In and Did not attend

Note: Donations that are made via Ozow are automatically tracked and confirmed, whereas donations that are not made through Ozow will have to be manually checked in by the supporters to indicate that they have carried out the action.