Your organisation's profile shows important information about your organisation, its activity and impact on Brownie Points. 

To view your organisation's profile go to your Organisations and click on View organisation on the relevant organisation.

On your organisation's profile, you will find an about section that shows all the relevant information about your organisation.

You can also see totals for: 

  • Total good deeds - These are the total good deeds achieved by members of your organisation, including supporters. A good deed is logged once someone checks in, so it is important to remind your team and supporters to confirm
  • Total supporters - Total amount of people who have supported your organisation
  • Total causes - Total causes created by or for your organisation

Note: For custom reports for your organisation, campaigns and teams, you can request a report by emailing

The following tabs show more detailed information: 

  • Completed causes - A list of past causes that have been completed once the host checks in
  • Active causes - A list of active causes that are currently open to supporters on Brownie Points
  • Goals achieved - Shows the cause goals that were achieved by your supporters