A nonprofit organisation can build more trust with the community, as well as boost their profile and online presence to maximize support. Verifying your nonprofit organisation will allow Brownie Points to confirm that the organisation is registered with trusted institutions and establishes legitimacy with our corporate clients and supporters.

NOTE: While you will be able to confirm your Nonprofit verification information on your Brownie Points account, becoming a verified nonprofit partner is only available to subscribed nonprofit organisations. Once verified, your nonprofit organisation will:

  • Appear in the list of verified organisationsvisible to everyone on Brownie Points
  • Receive an official "verified" badge on your organisation's profile and on all causes created for you as the beneficiary organisation

Here's how you can become a verified nonprofit partner:

  1. Go to your Organisations
  2. Click on Edit details (for the organisation you would like to edit)
  3. Scroll down to Nonprofit verification
  4. Click on Confirm details
  5. Complete the Nonprofit verification by filling in the following:
    • CIPC (as shown on CIPC's website):
      • Type - Nonprofit Company (NPC), Trust or Voluntary Association
      • CIPC registration number
      • CIPC registration document
      • Constitution (optional)
    • NPO (only for registered NPOs):
      • NPO number (in the format of 123-456 NPO)
      • NPO certificate
    • PBO (only for registered S18A PBOs):
      • PBO number
      • PBO certificate
    • BBBEE:
      • BBBEE level
      • BBBEE affidavit/certificate
  6. Check the terms checkbox to confirm that the above information is correct
  7. Click on Save
  8. Click on Verify my nonprofit
  9. You will be redirected to subscribe (if not subscribed yet). If your organisation is already subscribed, you will be shown a confirmation message
  10. Very important: Click on Update organisation at the bottom of that page. This action will forward the request to the Brownie Points team to verify your organisation
  11. You will receive a notification once you're organisation has been verified

Note: Please ensure all information and registration numbers are correct. This information will be used for the vetting process. You will not be verified if the information provided is incorrect or fake.