In order to receive monetary donations through the Brownie Points platform, you will need to set up donations for your nonprofit organisation. Currently, Brownie Points makes use of three different payment methods through the platform, which will appear as donation options to supporters for donation causes: 

  • External donation link(s) - To redirect supporters to another site that already has a payment option setup for your organisation e.g. your website's donate page, or a fundraising campaign on another platform.
  • Bank account details - So your supporters can pay their donations directly into the organisation's bank account.
  • Ozow - To enable 100% donations to go directly into your nonprofit's bank account via instantEFT. No setup or transaction fees.

Adding your organisation's bank account details to the organisation's profile will allow supporters to do an electronic funds transfer (EFT) to that account.

  1. Go to your Organisations
  2. Click on Edit details (for the organisation you would like to add banking details for)
  3. Scroll down to Nonprofit bank account details and add the relevant information to the required fields:
    • Bank
    • Account holder (i.e. your nonprofit organisation's name)
    • Account number
    • Branch name
    • Branch code
    • Bank confirmation letter (letter from the bank confirming all the above bank details, which can be obtained online via the Bank's website)
    • Your latest audited financial statement (optional)
  4. Once you have filled all the required fields and uploaded the required documents, click on Save and then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Update organisation.

Note: You will be required to upload a Bank confirmation letter (in PDF format) at the bottom of the bank details section. This ensures that the bank account you are adding belongs to the nonprofit organisation that you are adding it to. The bank account details will only show to the public once you have uploaded the Bank confirmation letter and it has been verified by the Brownie Points team.