Manage organisation details like name, location, contact information and logo. You can also invite additional admins to help manage your organisation's account and activities on Brownie Points. If your organisation is a nonprofit organisation, you can confirm your donation details, set up your Ozow account (no setup or transaction fees) and confirm your CIPC, NPO, PBO and BBBEE details.

Note: You can only edit the details of an organisation that you are the owner or admin of. Admin rights can be granted to other users by the admin of the organisation's account on Brownie Points. 

To edit your organisation:

  1. Go to your Organisations
  2. Click on Edit details (for the organisation you would like to edit)
  3. Update relevant information for your organisation, including:
    • The basics - Name, location and logo
    • Add some detail - Focus categories, type and description
    • Contact details - Primary email address, telephone number, website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram links
    • Organisation owners - This section shows the current owners/admins of the organisation and allows you to invite more admins to co-manage your organisation
    • Nonprofit bank account details (only for nonprofit organisations) - Bank, account holder, account number, branch name, branch code, bank confirmation letter and your latest audited financial statements (NOTE: The bank confirmation letter is required to activate your Ozow account).
    • Nonprofit verification (only for nonprofit organisations):
      • CIPC - Type, CIPC registration number, CIPC registration document and constitution
      • NPO (only for registered NPOs) - NPO number and NPO certificate (NOTE: These fields are required to activate your Ozow account)
      • PBO (only for registered PBOs) - PBO number and PBO certificate
      • BBBEE - BBBEE level and BBBEE affidavit/certificate
      • NOTE: Any nonprofit can confirm the above details. Only subscribed nonprofit organisations can become verified Brownie Points nonprofit partners and be found in the list of verified organisations, as well as get an official "verified" badge. After confirming all details, click Verify my nonprofit and then Update organisation at the bottom of the page. You will either be asked to subscribe, or your request will be processed and you will be notified once your verification has been activated.
    • Ozow platform integration - To enable 100% donations directly to your bank account with no transaction fees, click Setup Ozow Account and follow the instructions. You will need to confirm your NPO number and upload your NPO certificate and bank confirmation letter.
    • Donations - You can add external donation links (such as your website's donate page or a fundraising page) in this section. Click Add new link and copy-paste the donations link.

Once you have changed the relevant information, remember to click on Update organisation at the bottom of the page to save your changes.