In order for an organisation to access the Brownie Points community and features, an account needs to be created.

Note: Brownie Points allows any user to create an organisation and invite the organisation's owner. 

You will need to be an existing user on Brownie Points. Join and follow the steps to create your account. Note that you will need to confirm your email before you will be allowed to add an organisation: 

  1. Go to Organisations
  2. Click on Add organisation (top right)
  3. Enter the relevant information in the required fields
  4. Click Create organisation at the bottom of the page

Note: If you are the owner of the organisation that you are adding, enter your personal details in the Owner of organisation section of the form. If you are not the owner of the organisation, you will need to enter the personal details of the owner or administrator of the organisation for whom you are trying to create the account. An invitation email will be sent to the owner of the organisation. While any person can add an organisation to Brownie Points, only the owner or superadmin will have permission to manage that organisation, unless admin permission is granted to another person to manage the organisation.